Well Baby Checks

At delivery:
If you deliver via caesarian section, a paediatrician will be in theatre to assess the newborn.

You can request which paediatrician you want to be present at the delivery. Communicate your wishes to your obstetrician and/or secretary.

If your baby is born via a normal delivery, your paediatrician will assess your newborn baby within 24 hours of birth.

Your baby will be assessed every day until you are discharged.

On discharge your paediatrician will give you a six week follow up appointment. Some babies will require a follow up in two weeks, especially the low birth weight babies, premature babies and babies with feeding difficulties.

If any problems arise before your six week check up , please don’t hesitate to call to book for an earlier appointment.

6 week follow up

What can I expect at a six-week check-up?
The main focus of your baby's six-week check is to monitor growth and assess physical development.

Your baby's length, weight and head circumference will be measured.

A neurodevelopmental assessment will also be done.

Dr Maingard will assess feeding practices and address any parental concerns and provide advice on immunisation, nutrition etc.

Basic development follow up

The first two years of your baby's life are crucial in terms of growth and development and it's important that your paediatrician can assess and monitor the above parameters.

These assessments should ideally be done at birth, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, then yearly.

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” My practice focus is the promotion of optimal health for children, the prevention of illness and the alleviation of the effects of illness when they have developed.




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