Preventative Paediatric Care

Dr Maingard is able to provide advice on your baby's nutrition as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have surrounding immunisations.

Immunisations should be administered as follows:

pdf View Immunisation Schedules here

In terms of nutrition, the best option is to breastfeed your new born if possible. Your baby needs only breast milk for the first 26 weeks, as it contains all the necessary fluid and nutrients. Breast milk also helps to protect your baby from infections and disease and will be sufficient in ensuring your baby develops at the normal rate.

From around six months, you can start to introduce other foods into your baby's diet. Every baby is different, but generally by 12 months, he or she should be eating a variety of different foods from all of the food groups. A healthy, balanced diet is important as it helps to prevent illness, and is a key factor when it comes to growth and development. Consultations can be scheduled with Dr Maingard to discuss advice on feeding practices as well as to discuss any parental worries and concerns.

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” My practice focus is the promotion of optimal health for children, the prevention of illness and the alleviation of the effects of illness when they have developed.




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